Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Check out our newest Music Video IN YOUR HEAD!!!!

you can find all our music videos on You Tube subscribe to our channel!

Monday, May 23, 2016

SoundMonster Places On The Top Ten Rock Charts


Great news SoundMonster rose from the charts placing in the Top 40, to the Top 20, into the Top 10.

    As of May 13th to May 20 2016 SoundMonster has placed in 5# spot for Rock music. The guys are completely elated and appreciate all the support we have received. Plans for our third CD has hit walls in the last year, but we are looking at something in the fall. Keep looking for more details, again we thank you all, and hope our group can continue to make inroads up the charts.

We have remodeled our band page on Facebook check it out click band profile and selected songs and the bands total music video selection is available to be viewed.

Our next music video will be released in July stay tuned!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Check out the VIDEO Good Year

One of our favorite tunes Good Year from our first CD Year of the Monster

We hope you watch it!!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Waiting for Tonight is here

Check out our new music video for our first ever single in 2010 Waiting for Tonight right here

SoundMonster thanks everyone for all the kind comments

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Back in the Saddle

Lots going on behind the scenes but we can say at this point the boys are back on the bus in talks working towards getting down our third SoundMonster CD. Won't say there still isn't hiccups along the way as with our band there's always something going on, its never been a smooth straight road, but the band aren't just guys that play, we do care about one another. So thats an update for ya what is going on, we will keep in touch when recording starts and more can be available.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Here it is the sixth and final single from the CD "Planet" from SoundMonster. Curious to see how well this video does in the long run, On the first day it broke SoundMonster video release records on Facebook for first day, week, and month views. Our hope is you share the music video "Dont Say" with friends and watch it for yourself as well.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Check out SoundMonster's new video Ones Perception!!!!!

The guys had a lot of fun doing this one hope you check it out and enjoy! Visit our SoundMonster Channel on YouTube for more videos from SoundMonster

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

All is Good

Summer of 2014 is awesome, was just driving down in Seattle, hearing the CD Planet was quite an experience. The boys have delayed recording what will be our 3rd CD, sessions were to start in July. It looks like September is going to be the month things will be getting back on track. Been a year since the release of our first music video off the Planet CD, called Affirmation take a look at it on youtube!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


June 8th marks the 5th Anniversary of SoundMonster, the band is a reincarnation of a former group called Pious which all three at one time were in during their youth. The band reemerged through the drive of Trevor (right), Scott (left) and Steve (middle) to comeback and create a new sound of pretty much playing whatever we want and in that found our own sound.

2014 so far has been a time of reflection and focus as the last couple years have been consumed with creating what is know our first two CDs (Year of the Monster 2010, and Planet 2013). The boys will be back in studio next month to continue on new tracks which the goal would be the release of our third CD.

The band wants to thank their families, friends, fans and everyone that has supported them to this point. We want to thank MA for helping us get shows and promoting us everywhere she has gone. We thank everyone that bought tickets to see us live, or buy our cds. We hope all our fans will check out our videos we just released our newest this month called VIBE from our CD Planet. We also have three other videos from the last year. You can see all of them on our channel on You Tube. From our fans in Canada USA to Italy, we thank everyone means alot to have the support we have had in the last five years. Some fans we have lost touch with and if you guys see this blog we often think about you, and hope everyone is doing well! Hope we can get some more LIKES on our SoundMonster Facebook page, and of course if you have a youtube account subscribe to our channel!!!

From Steve Scott and Trevor thank you everyone!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The Band wants to announce to everyone the fourth single from the CD called Planet, is out you can see it on youtube on the SoundMonster Channel called Vibe!!!! Hope everyone takes the time to see it. The band has taken a break for awhile making music and playing shows can take a lot out of ya, but we are doing great and will be back in studio this summer! Hope you all will still support us and see the video!!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The boys are back from touring the island, had a great time sold out our CDS, the good news is we now have a whole new shipment and you can get a copy of Planet, the newest CD from SoundMonster for $10.00 before shipping and handling at just click the WEB STORE icon.

SoundMonster has also been working on new music videos that will be released through this and next year, and songs so the band as always is busy and looking forward to bringing it to the stage before we head overseas. The boys will be doing a special two hour outdoor concert at Memorial Peace Park on September 28th 2013 starting at 12 noon. The show will be at the city of Maple Ridge in British Columbia Canada.

Hope all SoundMonster fans around the area come out to see us, and hope to make new fans that day as well.

The band wants to thank everyone for the support we have received with the purchase of the new CD Planet, and our last album as well called Year of the Monster.

If you havent yet check out our new music video Affirmation the first single off the new CD, by going to our facebook band page, our new You Tube channel we do hope you subscribe to, and our our website under VIDEOS.

Theres also a congratulations in order, within the SoundMonster family our own Band Manager Marianne Miller has just got her first book published, on selling your own home and saving money in the real estate market. The band wishes the best for her on the success of the book, just as she has helped with us the last couple years.

until more information keep checking out our facebook band page, our blog and our website, keeping listening!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013



The band wants to thank Marianne Miller our Band Manager for all the hard work she has done to bring everyone the new SoundMonster Tour, Planet SoundMonster Tour 2013/14 which starts Friday August 16th at the Olympia in Surrey. From Posters, Tickets to the Venues she has been first class all the way and lucky to have her help us. If you live elsewhere in Canada, USA, or in Europe and can't attend you can watch the concert live for free at The site is at, and there are live and recorded concerts from the past done at the Olympia.

The new CD Planet, will be available for release as of August 16th and fans who are coming out to the show can buy a copy for 10.00, for those elsewhere can preorder for their copy as of August 14th 2013 from under our webstore the CD is also worth 5.00(for now), and 3.00 shipping and handling is added to the price. The paypal site does charge on credit card orders between 1.9 and 2.9 percent extra which is a matter of cents. On top of that the paypal site charges in Canadian currency so if your paying in US dollars, Euros, or another world currency the converter will make the appropriate rate exchange for you in the purchase. Everyone that does preorder a copy from the CD Planet the band will autograph your copy for you. The release date for Planet online is August 22nd 2013.

If you haven't seen or heard yet, SoundMonster two weeks ago released the first single of the new CD Planet Affirmation, and following it the following week released the new Music Video, you can watch it on Facebook, YouTube (join the new channel, and like and comment on the video please), and under Videos on

The PlanetSoundMonster Tour is ready to begin we are excited can't wait until the 16th!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Planet SoundMonster Tour 2013/14 is launching off in Canada at the Olympia August 16th, tickets go on sale July 15th, talk to the band where you can get your tickets for this awesome show! They will be playing with A Lonely Orchestra starting time will be around 830-9pm PST for fans outside this location the concert will be streaming on the internet, we will update what site you can see us from. Keep checking up on our Facebook site, this blog and of course our official band page for up to date information

Friday, June 7, 2013


On June 8th the band will hit the landmark of four years together, in that time we have evolved the band with different musicians, played in different venues, changed practice facilities four times, changed studio locations twice. Had our fare share of drama, and in it all have survived. SoundMonster thanks every single fan and friend that has stood by us through the good and bad, and even though the members are not together to celebrate this landmark occasion. The boys in SoundMonster will be meeting up on June 11th, 2013 to begin practicing for the Planet SoundMonster Tour 2013, which starts in Surrey August 16th 2013. In the four year period the boys in black have grown as a band and as people, and are looking forward to sharing with our fans and friends around the world, some new and not so new music. Keep up on our facebook page (important to LIKE the page in order to get updates) and here on our band blog for up to date information on shows, on the release of Planet, and news of our first show which will be streamed LIVE on the internet for all fans to watch us. Until further information is released keep your eyes open to find out how to watch us, tickets for the August 16th concert will be going on sale soon.

Sunday, June 2, 2013 is up

It is now official if you haven't heard the news from our SoundMonster Facebook Page yet, our official website is now up. The band wants to thank all our fans around the world in Canada, United States, and other countries and hope you all visit the new and improved site. The web page will still be the first place to get up to date news on the band, for shows, updates, and of course the webstore where you will be able to get a copy of the new CD of the summer "Planet". New shows for the SoundMonster Planet Tour 2013 will be updated, and take a listen to the music player, there's been some new songs added, from the upcoming CD, Vibe, Endless Highway and Motionless. Stay tuned for more details

Monday, May 20, 2013


It has been a busy year for the boys in black, it has been more business and studio work then music lately, for all our fans we appreciate your patience. The CD Planet will be released soon, we keep saying that but in the summer our fans will be able to purchase it from our new upcoming website. The domain name will still be, but we are looking into a new format for fans to check us out at. The web page will be up in June 2013, and will let all our fans know when it is available. We will still include up to date news, our popular web store, and a bit of info including songs to listen to as well. The summer is coming and the band is about to awake be prepared for lots of new news soon

Friday, March 8, 2013

Planet is COMING

SoundMonster fans the Looong anticipated CD Planet is coming out very soon on Wednesday March 6th the first single release Affirmation has been put out, on the SoundMonster Facebook site theres 100 free downloads, take one while its there. In November 2011 the band released a single "Kingdom of Whispers" and the downloads went quick. I personally have been listening to the tracks when I drive the last couple days and I am will say with an all biased opinion its a nice sound, and happy with it. The release date is hoping to be in April, date yet announced, more information will be provided when it comes. Planet is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

SoundMonster has new shows in October!

Latest NEWS!!! SoundMonster is going back on tour in October new dates have just been confirmed, the band will be back on the road for three weeks playing in England, France and Germany. get ready to rock people!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SoundMonster is back from touring the Summer of 2012, and on their Facebook page will be releasing a song off their new yet to be released CD "Planet"

Check the site out on September 18th to hear the new tune it will be up, you must LIKE the page in order to hear the song though.

The CD is still being worked on in studio, but ti will give our fans around the world a chance to hear some of SoundMonster's new sounds

Monday, April 30, 2012

SoundMonster Now On iTunes

SoundMonster's CD Year of the Monster is still available online on our website to buy, if you enjoy purchasing songs for your ipod, Year of the Monster is now available on itunes and will be in the next couple weeks available on over 30 other retail online stores like Napster, and Amazon

the next CD called Planet will also be available online to buy and will keep all Monster fans up to date when news is ready